• Fecha03-02-2018
  • Time23.00 - 4.30
  • Telephone(0034) 936 550 258
  • DirecciónBajoFondo Club, Rambla del Raval, 8 - Barcelona - Spain
  • EventoEVENT


Began in 1999 as a dj dropping breaks and electro beats in a radio show called “Mundo Evassion” while playing in uncountable raves, clubs and festivals across the south of Spain: Satisfaxion Live Dance Festival, Esparrago Rock… Those were wild years.

After studying classical piano at the conservatory, she later moved to Barcelona to study Composition and Arrangements at “Taller de Musics”, and continued her career becoming a resident dj at Nitsa Club and City Hall while playing all around the city clubs, and across Spain and Europe.

Her dexterous and ever reliable sets interchange between diverse genres, sometimes ambient and experimental, other times more direct and dance floor friendly.

In addition to her illustrious DJ skills, she is currently completing her debut solo production under the name ‘Terence’ and working on collaborative projects with Phran (People You May Know); Lost Twin (OWL); and Darío del Moral -member of Pony Bravo and Fiera- under the name Bola de Desierto.

She hosts ‘La Guarida’, her monthly radio show at Dublab.es, and she is a collaborator at Red Bull Music Radio show ‘Bamboleo’.



Headbirds is an autodidact and a musician in constant evolution. His sound combines energy, depth and melancholy.

He moves through a broad range of sounds with a particular focus towards the spiritual, mystical elements of the techno “ceremony“.