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  • Fecha04-08-2017
  • Time23.00 - 3.00
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  • DirecciónBajoFondo Club, Rambla del Raval, 8 - Barcelona - Spain

Deep 88


Alessandro Pasini`s passion for House began in 1988. Listening to the radio in his home-town in the province of Italy`s Forli-Cesena. Pumping bootlegged cassettes of the DJs of the golden age of the Riviera Adriatica. Mixes which put tunes from the Pop charts next to those from the deepest underground. Without the uptight, political, subbing of genres. As Ale says it was just music, and it`s still just music.

In 2007, in honour of the year when it all began Ale called his own musical project, Deep88. He started 12Records in 2011 and Juice in 2014. Primarily as outlets for his own productions. After a long hot summer in the States, he currently resides in Berlin.


Masque Muzique / The Monkey Bar/ 12 Records

Dadame is one of the old school house ambassadors in Barcelona. He has earned a reputation in the scene thanks to his role as a promoter in the collective and label The Monkey Bar, but mostly for his work in the studio and his energetic DJ sets. He is an experimented DJ who moves between house and disco music. During the past years he has performed with house masters like Rick Wilhite, Mike Huckaby and Dj QU. The latest vinyl release for The Monkey Bar Records, “Escape”, was totally sold out in less than two weeks and received great support from artists such as Russ Gabriel, Norm Talley and Jus – Ed.Dadame has started a new record label. Masque Muzique, a only vinyl label focused on releasing records to preserve the purest sound of house music. The first release “Australis” is a four-track EP, produced by himself and mastered by Ebony Cuts. It has a very classic and pure house sound that gathers the dots between Detroit, Chicago and the European tradition. With these credentials is not surprising that Dadame recently has been selected to remix the legendary Robert Owens.


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