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  • Fecha04-05-2018
  • Time22.00 - 4.00
  • Telephone(0034) 936 550 258
  • DirecciónBajoFondo Club, Rambla del Raval, 8 - Barcelona - Spain
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Dadame (Dario Damerini)

From his beginnings organising events of electronic dance musc via radio broadcasting to recent forays into the more alternative events scene of art galleries and warehouses, Dario Damerini’s musical outlook epitomises everything that is good about diversity.

Having cut his musical teeth in Bologna, Italy, in 2003 Damerini adopted the creative melting pot of Barcelona as his hometown – a move which afforded him the opportunities to springboard his career as a DJ and producer.

A DJ mainstay of Barcelona’s revered clubbing scene, Damerini has also taken matters into his own hands by organising and promoting his own events such as the collective, label: The Monkey Bar, characterised by an unconventional approach to venue selection and a penchant for house music history.
Damerini invariably offers a veritable cornucopia of deep, delectable delights, with Chicago and Detroit, black and white, house and techno as the main

Pablo Sanchez

Pablo Sánchez is a DJ / producer hailing from Caracas, Venezuela. An artist with a thirst for traveling and adventure, he moved to New York City in the late 90’s at a time when the city’s clubbing scene was arguably the world’s best. Settling in Brooklyn, he soon immersed himself in the local art scene, and so began a lifelong affair with music that defines him to this very day.

A keen student with an almost natural understanding of rhythm and groove, Sánchez soon began to carve out a name for himself in New York’s many underground clubs as a special DJ with a penchant for the unlikely. He began to experiment in production soon after, hooking up with another much-renowned New Yorker, Alexi Delano, with whom he worked together in the early 2000s under the Soul Dynamics guise, a project that got to perform live at the legendary MoMA PS1 events in Queens.

A throughly eclectic producer, his vast body of work includes collaborations with a handful of vocalists and musicians from the most diverse backgrounds, including UK vocal sensation Colonel Red and Swedish future-soul singer Kissey Asplund, while his more straight-up dancefloor works have emerged on a long list of respected outlets such as liebe*detail, Moodmusic, GAMM and Galaktika records among many others. Always finished with an organic and melodic flourish at their core, his productions reflect his colourful background and his broad knowledge of global music. Eclectic and adventurous, they’re just as likely to be tailored to the dancefloor as to life’s more introspective moments.

In 2008, Sánchez moved to his current home city of Barcelona. Once again, he became involved in the local scene – and it’s one that’s rightly embraced his talents with open arms. A regular at the city’s globally-renowned Sonar Festival since 2005, he even closed Sonar by Day in 2010 and has played alongside some of the scene’s foremost names. A prolific DJ, Pablo Sánchez’s talents have brought him around the globe and back, from Tokyo to Berlin and Sydney to Moscow.

2018 is set to be no less busy for him, with releases arriving on Luca Baccheti’s Endless label, an EP on Hamburg’s Hafendisko and a U.S. / Mexico tour in the works. Undoubtedly one of his country’s finest electronic music export and a DJ’s DJ with a penchant for the unusual, Pablo Sánchez is a musician who continues to inspire and enthral in equal measure.



Mirus is a Barcelona based dj and producer, curator and owner of the label Indigo Raw. Partner/Founder at Indigo Raw Events & Media and Mutek Spain collaborator.
It’s been a while since Mirus overheard his parents’ basement parties, their XL tape deck blaring disco music through the walls of his childhood home. But little has changed in terms of curiosity.
A fixture on the Barcelona nightlife scene, the Norwegian/Lebanese artist has taken all his influences—which span from his great-grandmother’s piano playing all the way to Jan Garbarek and Terje Dypdal’s free jazz recordings—and put them to work in making his city’s club scene the best that it can be.
Whether he’s doing it through his work with record label Indigo Raw, organizing one of the Catalan capital’s most notorious parties or helping launch epic venue El Monasterio depends on the season, really. Tack on his travels as DJ and digger of not just records but moments, and you’ve got a man whose very identity is forged upon this most electrifying world we call nightlife.
With a steadfast commitment to keeping mind and ears open, Mirus’ style behind the decks is ever on a path of nuanced evolution. The same might be said for his productions, which lean towards the melodic and uplifting. It this openness and humility as a listener, first and foremost, what has set the tone for how he handles everything else in his career.