Entrada Libre

  • Fecha26-08-2017
  • Time23.00 - 3.00
  • DirecciónBajoFondo Club, Rambla del Raval, 8 - Barcelona - Spain
  • Telephone(0034) 936 550 258
  • Organizado porSPAB


When the recent story of barcelona’s electronic music life is mentioned, HERR holds a determining and active place in the evolution of the scene over the last 10 years. Always operating behind the decks, reaching an optimal balance between his increasingly ability with the records, Hernán consolidated its full integration into Barcelona’s electronic community leading and managing rising parties from ilegal warehouses to beach raves.

Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and living in Barcelona (Spain) since 2001, Hernán Herrera landed in Europe with the intention to pursue his first steps in music production, showing a total readiness to devote all his energy to the world of electronic music. And after leading some of the most popular event schedules on the best Catalan’s capital beaches he has found a strategic location that ended up being a completely decisive move in his career.



HITCH can be defined as one of those artists who is difficult to set into a categorized genre, just listening to one of his sets or productions one can realize his forward thinking criteria both on selection and production is based on parameters closely linked to an easily recognizable sobriety and a panoramic open-mindedness.

Linked for many years to many shades of the music industry and having played over several countries from all over the world, HITCH summarizes with this intimate alias everything he has learned and experienced through a whole life involved with electronic music ground. So his extensive background and early influences coming from very first germinal Techno and House manifestations collide with an always straight ahead vision as a main defining feature of himself.

Therefore, his sets are conceived as a projection of his sonic identity, so he makes aspecial effort a on honest selection, stepping aside from tendencies and offering animmersive clubbing experience based on the vibes of the dance floor thought anastonishing versatility, always looking to set up a melting pot of sonic nuances everytime he gets behind decks or in live format.In terms of production, HITCH has amplified his own style through a constant rhythmexploration as well as enveloping atmospheres design, both fueled by different nightphase’s inspiration.

Joining forces with catalan artist Leix, he reached a remarkablesuccess with tracks like “Mr.Slade”, the duo released several collaborations for labelssuch as Novo Music, Kiara or recently Mr. Carter. Concurrently he has been acquiringproduction skills on his own way, both as on the art of the remixing and expanding hiscreative horizons with Yakazi Music Label.

If something particularly characterizes HITCH is his ability to perceive dancefloor’svibes employing his sensitivity, musically caring of what the moment requires,constantly wondering which track could take the club to another level, improving theexperience without being limited to foreseeable clubbing conceptions or redundantstyles, giving a chance to the unexpected.