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  • Fecha26-01-2018
  • Time23.00 - 4.00
  • Telephone(0034) 936 550 258
  • DirecciónBajoFondo Club, Rambla del Raval, 8 - Barcelona - Spain
  • EventoEvento

Fede Zerdan

Fede Zerdán excelente dj y productor argentino, residente en Barcelona.
Residente de Pure plastics en Switch pocket club junto a Deckard, en 2015 publicó “Low Boost EP” la segunda referencia del sello Cymawax, tras otros dos EP’s con Ourvision Recordings: “Porlan” en 2009 y “U 41 A EP” en 2013.

También es miembro de Discos Paradiso Crew.

Dadame (Dario Damerini)

From his beginnings organising events of electronic dance musc via radio broadcasting to recent forays into the more alternative events scene of art galleries and warehouses, Dario Damerini’s musical outlook epitomises everything that is good about diversity.
Having cut his musical teeth in Bologna, Italy, in 2003 Damerini adopted the creative melting pot of Barcelona as his hometown – a move which afforded him the opportunities to springboard his career as a DJ and producer.
A DJ mainstay of Barcelona’s revered clubbing scene, Damerini has also taken matters into his own hands by organising and promoting his own events such as the collective, label: The Monkey Bar, characterised by an unconventional approach to venue selection and a penchant for house music history.
Damerini invariably offers a veritable cornucopia of deep, delectable delights, with Chicago and Detroit, black and white, house and techno as the main